Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar NYC

Saturday, August 15, 2015 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

This place just officially launch even though it has been around since Emporium has open. I have been once before earlier this year and thought it was average. SInce it's officially open, I decided to try again.

We ordered the brownies cheescake which was warm combinations of bitter sweet chocolate  and satly sweet cheese. The taste though was average but it was the best from what we ordered. It was decorated beautifully with chocolate smear and sprinkles feels like christmas. We also ordered the jam and scone. The jam was average like something you can buy on any supermarkets, same with the cream. The scone it self was not bad, warm, crunchy on the outside but soft in the inside. 

The last but not the least was the chocolate since this is a chocolate bar, I expect nothing but the best chocolate but sadly the best thing about the chocolate was the beautiful plate they served the chocolate with. The plate was photogenic, has the feeling of christmas joy. We ordered three types of chocolate, dark chocolate lego, bamboo and the other one is a surprise from the staff (I told them to surprise me with their best chocolate). The dark was average, the bamboo was unique but not my cup of tea an the last one was pretty average too. The hot chocolate was quite nice but too sweet for my taste as well as the marshmallow.

There is no table services in this chocolate bar, you have to order everything on their cashier and sometimes bring your own food from the cashier except the hot food. Their staff was generally friendly and knowledgeable of their products.

Score: đŸ’‹đŸ’‹
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Monday-Wednesday & Saturday-Sunday: 10am-5pm
Thursday-Friday: 10am-9pm

Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar NYC
03 9020 4338
Emporium Melbourne, Lvl 1
287 Londsdale st
Melbourne, VIC 3000