Enter Neighbour Cafe (Invited)

Enter Neighbour is a humble simple cafe sitting in the busy centre of Camberwell. Easily reachable by tram and there's plenty of street parking around, even though it could get a lil bit challenging on weekends. Jack, the person that's been talking to me via Insta, is there to greet me when I arrived. Even though he is alone in the front of the cafe and also the barista. He remains calm, friendly and even have time to chit chat with the customers

Torpe (Invited)

Torpe is a brand new cafe in Armadale. It is a new small yet cozy cafe in the Armadale neighbourhood, decorated with instagram-worthy wallpaper and sofas. The service was very friendly and outgoing as well.

Clubhouse Malvern (Invited)

Clubhouse Malvern comes from the people behind the awesome Tinker, Penta and MOB. Yes, if you love them for their pannacotta, they have another trick on their sleeves. Owned by Julien Moussi, Kristy-Lea Moussi, Adam Vocale, Stuart Deva, Ben Argentino and Nicky Campbell successfully launch another cafe after Bentwood, Fitzroy in 2017.

Dish and Spoon (Invited)

Dish and Spoon is a family cafe, welcome kids of any kinds and even the staff loves kids. So parents you can breath a lil bit easier at Dish and Spoon. Why do I so confidently say this? Cause I came in with a 13 months old that just started walking, my friend daughter and that she was not feeling well. We predicted she is teething again. So imagine she still finds walking very very new and interesting plus the cranky teething. Moms, you know what I mean. But the staff at Dish and Spoon was so friendly and understanding from the beginning to end.

Chokolait - Rainbow Pavlova (Revisited-Invited)

Chokolait owner, Ross has been a friend to me for many years now. So every time he got something new in line, he always invited me down to taste his product. This time is the world first fruity pavlova or he call it Rainbow pavlova.

Grand Lafayette (Invited)

Grand Lafayette is the same with Cafe Lafayette previously in Port Melbourne. They moved to Prahran with a huge upgrade. Large, spacious open area are now under their feature, as well as they also open at night for all you can eat sushi. So yes, the Japanese theme still intact with a brand new innovative dishes displayed from the beginning to end.