Kingyo Izakaya (Invited)

Kingyo Izakaya is a small cozy Japanese restaurant, right across Moonee Ponds Station. The owner is a very friendly lady who invited me in cause her friend, the owner of one the Italian restaurant in Fitzroy recommended me. I came in on a Saturday night.

Kobe Teppanyaki (Invited)

Kobe is an authentic Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant, located in Doncaster East. I rarely venture out this way in general but when the invitation came in and I saw what they got and the menu, it intrigues me then I come running.

Drip Cafe (Invited)

Drip Cafe located in Cheltenham, it has a dark blue and white interior. It has a modern yet luxurious  vibe due to the royal blue colour but remain casual. They have a medium size indoor seatings as well as outdoor courtyard at the back.

I was invited by the owner's wife in Instagram, upon my arrival I met the husband and he greeted me nicely. He sent one of his staff to take care of me and my family, she was really friendly and warm, even towards my kid. She gave him colour pencil and colouring paper straight away.

Chilli Scrambled Eggs - sourdough, chorizo, pecorino, corn avocado salsa ($18). Perfectly cooked fluffy egg, my ultimate comfort food on a Saturday morning. Not too spicy but the chorizo added a nice spiciness to it then calmed by the creamy avocado salsa. Love.

Southern Fried Waffles - Southern fried chicken, buttermilk waffle, apple, cabbage slaw, fresh chilli, sesame seeds, siracha aioli ($21) add bacon ($5). Abundant siracha aioli really give a nice kick to the whole dish, maybe a touch to much at the very end if you don't have a high tolerant for spiciness. But I love the crunchy tender chicken with the crisp outer layer of the waffle and fluffy inside. The fresh apple slaw also add a nice acidity and freshness to the dish.

Orange Blossom Hotcake - orange cream, vanilla bean mascarpone, fresh berries, caramelised orange, raspberry coulis, pure maple syrup ($18). A very well made fluffy hot cake, aromatic with strong orange flavour and aroma. Super creamy mascarpone and soury raspberry coulis matched perfectly with the hot cake.

We love every bits of Drip Cafe and certainly won't be our last time visiting this cafe since it's also located pretty close to our home. The service was perfect till the end, friendly and fast. I can see they already have loyal locals customers dropping by.

Drip Cafe
88 Chesterville Rd
Cheltenham VIC 3192

Siam Thai (Revisited-Invited)

I have been to Siam Thai a couple of times, invited and by my own accord. This time around, the owner contacted me again to come in and have a taste of their new menu. I gladly come in after work on a weekdays night.

When we arrived, the staff straight away show us to our table and explain what are we getting that night. I personally, would love to pick my own menu since they have plenty to choose from. We started with Look Shin Ping - grilled pork & fish meat balls ($5). The meat balls was a little bit dry and tough even though with the dipping sauce it's quite enjoyable.

Grilled Duck Salad and Tom Zap Leng. Love the spicy fresh duck salad, one of the best dish of the night. Together with the spicy sour ribs soup, it's just perfect. The light broth but still strong in flavour was fresh even though the ribs was a bit tough.

Traditional Boat Noodles, Thai Spicy Beef and Ginger Prawn Grass Noodle. We love the sweet and rich boat noodles, it's something perfect for any weather. Contrary to the the ginger prawn grass noodle, we find the noodle is a bit dry and the prawn is a bit over cooked even though the size of the prawn is so tempting. But we love the thai spicy beef so much, not too spicy but very well marinated and so tender.

Taro Layer Crepe Cake with Coconut Ice Cream, Pink Milk tea and Thai Milk Tea. We love the crepe cake especially with the sauce and coconut ice cream, super creamy with strong taro taste but not too sweet. We don't fancy the pink milk tea cause it's only taste sweet and nothing else but their thai milk tea is okay.

I was disappointed that the only menu I ordered my self and it's for my kid cause the other menu they served were spicy was given a bill. So I have to pay for it my self at the end of the day. Besides that, their service are pretty quick but I do think my last visit to Siam Thai was more successful in terms of flavour.

Siam Thai
165a Bourke St
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Miyako (Revisited-Invited)

Miyako is a place I will never forget, cause I got my very first official invite from them, back when I fist started my blog. After years, this is my second invite I got from them. At first, they invited me back for a sake event but I was away at that time so Anita, the kind manager who also remembers me from back then, scheduled a later date for me to come in.

Surch (Invited)

We went to try Surch at Forrest Hill Chase Shopping Centre last weekend. It is located in the lower ground food court of the mall. The stall looks modern and clean, very well design for a food court stall.

We had Shuck it Steak and Salmon Says. Shuck it -  The oyster blade steak was juicy and the truffle mayo took the steak to another level of deliciousness. The roasted potatoes with rosemary and the garlic green beans complimented the steak very well. We find the cheddar cheese shavings did not do much to enhance the dish, except for just adding saltiness to it. Otherwise it was a delicious well-balanced meal. We really enjoyed it.

Salmon Says - The sous vide Norwegian salmon fillet was a little bit overcooked to ur liking, but the overall flavours were delicious. The apple fennel salad, miso butter corn and the pumpkin and almond basil pesto, again, complimented the salmon well. The blood orange and fig dressing brings citrusy freshness to the overall dish. Great way to compliment the fish.

Overall we love the dishes we had from Surch. It is great to find a food vendor who serves fast, high quality, tasty and flavoursome well balanced meals in a shopping mall that are usually oversaturated with fast foods.

There's certainly room for improvements;Perhaps to slice the steaks more thoroughly before serving would be great. Plastic cutleries are not so great to cut through tendons in oyster blade type of steaks. The salmon could have been cooked a little less overcooked.

270 Canterbury Rd
Forest Hill VIC 3131