Omi - The Glen (Invited)

Omi is one of my favourite restaurant at Chadstone. When I first discover it, I'd say to my self "Finally, a good decent meal in Chadstone!" I always fine Chadstone needed to up their game of food and still does. They needed more restaurants for the size of the malls. I wish they will keep improving on that area soon.


Chayo is a barnd new, Japanese restaurant in Clayton. The long awaited Japanese restaurant that we all want and needed. We are so excited that everybody jump in to try. We want more Japanese in the area please.


Mushashi is a relatively new ramen restaurant located in the China town area, joining all the other ramen venture in Melbourne. On occasions, they do have line on their door but not as massive as Hakata Gensuke. It is still highly possible to get a table straight away and much faster as well, so it's a good place for a quick ramen.

Mr & Mrs Anderson (Revisited-Invited)

Mr & Mrs Anderson has been opened since 2016. Joining owners, James Limneous and Roulla Saisanas is the famous Emma Jeffrey, ex Hammer & Tong and Mammoth Cafe also the co owner and executive chef at the Moat Bar and Restaurant. She is the new Head Chef of the cafe. I'm a big fan of Emma, she's the one behind all the menu that I want almost everything on it. I went back to Mammoth three times during their opening weeks to try as much as I can. Hammer & Tong still holds the record of the most visited cafe in my agenda.


Epocha means ‘a new or distinctive era’ or ‘a moment in time’ and interestingly it has the same meaning in most European languages. This stated in their website. They are seating in a stunning Victorian terrace at Carlton. Charming classic building with a couple outdoor seating and classic dim lighting interior inside. Epocha boast European menu just like their humble origins.

Code Black Coffee

I just finish my trip to the Melbourne zoo with my kid, this is the first time we bring him to the zoo and it's also the first time for both of us to visit the Melbourne zoo. Another first time for my husband to visit any zoo besides back home in Indonesia, years a go. A lot of first time in one day. Funny thing is, it's also our first time visiting Code Black Coffee cafe.