Doughheads is well known and certainly very popular donut shop at The Junction, New Castle. It is arguably the number one donut shop in town. 

Komeyui (Revisited)

Komeyui is no secret, one of my favourite Japanese restaurant in town and arguable one of the best as well. We went in for another celebration, my brother's birthday and since his favourite food is Japanese cuisine, I found Komeyui is highly suitable.

Home Vegan Bar (Invited)

Home Vegan Bar is a relatively new branch of Home Cold Pressed Juice. The original home branch is at Bourke St, Docklands, right in front NAB building as well as besides Medibank. I bought their juice many time over the years and been invited their once.

Muffin Break

Muffin Break started from a little Canadian shop in the 1980s then arrived in Australia in 1989. The first shop in Coolangatta, quickly increase to 5 store across Australia. Now, they have 275 store globally in New Zealand, United Kingdom, India and 190 of them is in Australia.

Guilty Moose (Invited)

Guilty Moose is a cafe at Albert Park, their cute outdoor courtyard at the back was pretty nice on the Spring weather. It's also perfect for pets, they do allow them on the backyard. We came in for a quick breakfast before going to church.

The service was friendly and attentive even though we are sitting out back at the court yard, they always have at least one staff stand by for the back area. We started with our regular order; coffee and babycino as well as some juice.

Scrambled eggs on toast with pork fennel sausage ($15). I ordered this for my kid and he loves it. Perfectly cooked, fluffy, soft egg and flavourful pork sausage. He literally can't stop eating it, together with his cute babycino.

Hong Kong Phooey - rice congee, shredded chicken, soft egg, XO sauce, spring onion, ginger, fried wonton skin, peanuts, chilli, fried shallots ($17.5). Because the name has Hong Kong in it, I expect a lil bit more flavour in the rice congee but the soy sauce brighten up the dish. But I love the crunchy wonton skins and fried shallots. All the ingredients match nicely and it's all the ingredients I would like in my breakfast congee.

What Am I, Chopped Liver? - chicken liver pate, German rye loaf, fried egg, carrott, fennel pickle, raisin, vinaigrette ($17). I love pate so much so when I saw this on the menu, I know I have to try them. My husband love this but I think it would be nice

Guilty Moose
+619078 0925
143 Victoria Ave
Albert Park VIC 3206

Lukumandes (Invited)

Lukumandes arrived in Melbourne since 2017 at West Melbourne, now they venture to the other side of town. Good news for me! A lil bit closer to my place cause they opened in Windsor at the famous Chapel St. Lukumandes is an International brand with stores in USA, UK, UAE and other part of Australia.

The small but cozy store decorated in warm colours with plenty of single and couples seatings making it perfect for intimate late night desserts or even for a casual dessert store. They are also available on delivery; uber eats, foodora, deliveroo, skip. My sister in law even ordered from her office a couple of times.

Their lukumandes comes in all kind of toppings, but we know we have to get their chocolate range; Dark Delight - melted dark chocolate, crushed pistachios and topped w/ hazelnut gelato. This is my first time trying their Greek Doughnut and I love them so much. The doughnut was fried fresh, so delicious. Crisp on the out side and super fluffy as well as light on the inside. I'm in heaven! Delicious generous dark chocolate with light flavoured hazelnut gelato match perfectly.

Matcha Balls - matcha infused white chocolate. I love their incorporate a lil bit of Asian flavour on their menu, making it a touch modern. The matcha makes the white chocolate less sweet which I love, the matcha powder also contributes to that. It's a lighter version than the over indulgent dark delight we have taste before.

Lukumandes also served various drink and I opted for Coffee and Nutella Shakes. Honestly, does doughnuts match perfectly with hot coffee. Just sitting here, writing this article, makes me want to order their doughnuts. That's how much I love them.

+6139510 9342
176 Chapel St
Windsor VIC 3181