Bella Cucina (Invited)

Bella Cucina is known for their Italian flare but recently they just added breakfast menu to the team. I love Italian food, truth to be told I have been eating Italian most of Melbourne's winter. I need the extra warm and carbs please!

Hwkr - Khao by Rice Paper Scissor (Revisited-Invited)

Hwkr - Khao by Rice Paper Scissor is also something that I have visited before and I thought it was okay. The staff said they keep some of their menu but also added some new additional for their winter menu.

Wellzones GF (Invited)

Wellzones GF is just like it's name a place specialise in gluten free products. Owned by a passionate team of husband and wife, Ivan & Liwe is a wonderful parent of two. They have went through the worse in 2011, when their 10 year old son had been diagnosed with the Coeliac disease and his younger brother also showing medical problems as well.

Queen Victoria Market - Winter Night Market (Invited)

The QVM winter night market 2018 was as magical as promised. The ambiance light were red dancing with blue into a mystical purple. There’s a stage at the front, and a fire dancer at the back, and the air was teemed with exotic aroma both near and far, everything that makes Melbourne, Melbourne.

Like all good nights, it all begins with a drink. The generous Brick Lane Brewing Co ensured that no one was thirsty. I whetted my whistle with the classic pale ale, but it was the warm apple cider that did the trick for me. On a cold winter day like then, the ironically named Coldstream apple cider was exactly what I was looking forward to, although it is a bit too sweet for my taste.

On the food side, our night began with the all famous Wonderbao’s Gua Baos, both chicken and pork. They are as good as ever, I was taking them for granted as I live so close by. Bao is a food hundreds of year old, which have been invented and reinvented by many people along the Yellow and Yangtzi rivers. And yet, Wonderbao manage to improve them still with pickled mustard and slaw, just to balance the savory with the sour.

There’s pizza, and there’s pizza and Gradi definitely belongs to the latter. It boast everything that is good about being traditional and authentic. And it is not all show. Anyone can spend a bit of extra money to have a stone oven for display. But taste, is not something you can buy. Let me show you how much Gradi impressed me. I don’t usually enjoy tomato based food, but this was an exception.

I missed the Hawwaiian Snack Pack, but I tried them before. It is an interesting twist to the typical Hallal Snack Pack. Although I’m not sure if the meat is much of an improvement, the chips was thick and succulent, perfectly fried. Crusty on the outside, but still soft inside.

Learning from my mistake I then stood at the front, not wanting to miss another dish. I grab the sundae from Sundae as soon at it appears. I picked Ferrero Roche, can’t go wrong, but then I think to myself, there’s not much you can do to it either. And that is when The Sundae Market exceeded my expectations. Buried under the mountain of whip cream that looks good on picture, but nothing else, laid the real goodness. It is chocolaty, yes, and sweet, of course, it is ice cream. But never too sweet. They cut roche into just the right chunky sizes that gives you that satisfying crunch, which was never soggy, even though it was thoroughly mixed with ice cream.

Then the night ended with Guru Dudu’s silent disco. Though the neon lights and crowd looks enticing, I was never much of a dancer, and sorry, but tonight is not the night for me to start. Not when I have the rest of the market to feast upon.

Unabara Lobster & Oyster Bar - Melbourne Central (Invited)

Unabara Lobster & Oyster Bar as it names says, it specialise in lobster and oyster. When their first store open in Emporium, I jolt in joy cause I always miss Red Lobster from America and there's none Lobster bar like that in Melbourne. I see a lot of potential and I have to say from my first visit, I love them.

Hwkr - Chanteen by Diana Chan (Revisited-Invited)

As you know, I have been to Chanteen by Diana Chan. So excited but let down by the subtle spices. What I expect for her is a strong tie of flavour of Malaysia. But clearly it has been tone down to even less than Asian fusion casual dining in Melbourne offered these days.