Lune Lab

Lune Croissanterie is well known institute dedicated to make croissants. It's not only known as number one croissant in Melbourne but one of the best in the world. Lining up in the morning to get their croissant is a must for visitors who does not live in Melbourme, it becomes an iconic part of Melbourne journey. Don't get me wrong, this croissant also still very much love by local Melbournians.

My friend is a big fan of lune, she's the one who line up early in the morning and gave me my first lune croissant. Last year, she attended her very first lune lab and it was amazing according to her. She got this croquembouche. She invited me in for the next one, she even has an alarm on her phone to remind her when the next lune lab tickets will be available online. Thanks to her skill, we got in. It's a double date.

Classic Lune Croissant. You get a choice between soft and crispy, my husband and 1 each picked a different one so we can taste both. Croissant by it self is so good, flakky, buttery and warm. No other flavour needed, really! It leaves a warm sensation in your belly, comforting, perfect for early morning or anytime of the day!

Second Course - Tomato Panzanella salad from Tuscany with olive oil, heirloom tomatoes, croissant croutons and cheese. Did not expect this at all! Wow! Heirloom tomatoes salad made by lune from Italy. Very summery and the cheese taste delicious with the super crunchy croissant croutons. How can I ever get back to regular croutons now?

Dessert Course: Croissant Sundae with croissant brittle, lychee rose sorbet, rose white chocolate crumble, buttermilk ice cream. Even though I'm very full but I keep digging my spoon through this dish cause it was delicious. Everything was not too sweet but the taste of croissant on every bite is what made me come back for more. They did corporate croissant to three component of this dish.

Lune Lab is available every couple of months, seats are limited and pre book is a must. The ticket sold out very fast every time, so be prepare. It cost $65 per person for 3 course and unlimited drinks. Kids are welcome but there's no spare seat most of the time. But my kid was happy running around the store and sit on their high stool chair while tasting his dad croissants, so all good for us. The host was funny, friendly also insightful.

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Lune Croissanterie
+6139419 2320
119 Rose St
Fitzroy VIC 3065

Gabriel (Invited)

Gabriel is a name comes from the space’s previous cafe, De Clieu cafe. The name De Clieu cafe comes fromFrench lieutenant Gabriel De Clieu, well known for introducing coffee to French colonies in South America. The cafe it self is charming with open window and dark wall colouring making it feels rustic yet luxurious as well.

Crisp Saganaki - poached eggs, smoked salmon, avocado, kasundi, dukkah, lemon, rocket ($18). Generous amount of saganaki, perfectly made; crisp yet chewy not dry. The rest of ingredients were light and fresh to balanced out the saltiness and cheesiness of the saganaki.

Soft Corn Tortillas - black bean puree, fried eggs, chorizo, avocado, cherry tomatoes, tomatillo salsa, salted ricotta ($21). The whole ingredients on the plate screams delicious but I do think that there's too much tomatillo salsa on the plate that it over shadows everything else. I love the idea of open tortillas for breakfast.

Belgian Waffle - lemon curd, ricotta, blueberries, pistachios ($16). The portions was really small for a waffle dish, they do offer an extra waffle for $4. Crisp outer layer waffle with enough fluffiness inside as well as simple classic ingredients on the side.

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+6139417 6498
187 Gertrude St
Fitzroy VIC 3065


Mamak is an award winning and a popular restaurant based in Sydney. People used to line up, including me in front of their restaurant even before they are open. When they finally came to Melbourne, people used to line up in front of their store too but somehow now the crowd has die down, left them with sufficient crowd but no where near where it was before.

Pie in The Sky

Pie in The Sky is one of the most popular place in Mt Dandenong area, almost always, busy some days more than the others. Tourist comes all the way to Pie in The Sky just to have a taste of their Gold Medal Winner pie selections.

Hash CBD (Revisited-Invited)

This is the time to call out your friends and families for brunch and say good bye to Melbourne winter! Hash speciality got two brunch store one in CBD and another one in Camberwell. I went to the CBD with my friend and the staff are very friendly and welcoming. The ambience is a bit darker than many brunch places that I have visited where they normally have a cheerful and bright ambience; hash speciality is more elegant and aesthetic design. 

Niku Ou

Niku Ou is a new Japanese BBQ restaurant in the middle of Melbourne CBD. It's the sister of the famous Wagyu Ya. My favourite Japanese BBQ place in Melbourne cause they serve high quality melt in your mouth meat. Now, they have another one in the city with the exact same menu. Yes, they have all the high quality sashimi, umami bomb flavour and high quality meat. They have a casual environment, hence kids are very much welcome.