The Woods of Windsor (Invited)

The Woods of Windsor has a great ambience with classic American theme with chill classic music in the background. We came on Wednesday night, plenty people were there but service was still on-point.

1000 Lire (Invited)

1000 Lire has been running for over 2 years. It has a very spacious space, making it suitable for large groups as well as families. They also own private room for hire and they recently  become available for delivery with ubereats and foodora. What impressed me at first was their Pizza is prepared in the middle of the restaurant with traditional oven, where everybody can witness it! How cool!

Damon Bradley High Tea (Invited)

Damon Bradley it's a place where all the sweets stuff comes to life. Sitting on a strategic location, inside Southgate area. Reachable by any kid of transportation and just a few minutes away from Flinders Station.

Vapiano Winter Menu (Revisited-Invited)

Vapiano is a place I'm familiar before, this is my second invite to this place. Spacious, rustic place, perfect for large group or families. They have plenty of highchairs as well as lift. This time I was invited for their winter menu.

Ace Poke (Invited)

Ace Poke is a relatively new poke store in Melbourne CBD. Yes, poke trend are roaming the city, starting from their own specialise poke store to cafe's and evolve into brunch dishes. Ace Poke joined the trend with a small store in Elizabeth St.

L'Burger (Invited)

L'Burger is a burger joint just a short minutes walk from Glenferrie Station. I used to go to Swinburne university so I'm in the area a lot. I wish it was as lively as it is now, full of good food and entertainment. I might go back to school again soon!