Lolo & Wren (Revisited-Invited)

Lolo and Wren located in Brunswick East. This cafe was quite reachable with tram and it’s quite easy to find. This is not the first time or even second for me to Lolo & Wren so I'm pretty familiar with the cafe for years now.

Hwkr - Gaja by Sashi

Sashi Chelia is the winner of MasterChef 2018 and he takes the place of Diana Chan at HWKR. My husband is a big fan of him and he's been craving Indian food ever since. So when we got the news that he is in HWKR, it is a natural action for him to rush over.

Bang Bang 'Red Chicken' (Mum's Ayam Masak Merah) - slow braised chicken in a spicy red tomato sauce, kaffir lime leaves, coriander, coconut rice, achar ($15). I love this dish so much because it's super rich, punch in your face sauce. I could eat this for days. The meat just simply melts in your mouth and you can mixed the sauce with rice and eat it just like that, it would be still delicious. It's spicy though, watch out.

I do think HWKR price is slowly rising up and the portions is getting smaller and smaller making it more and more on casual dining price range rather than day to day food which what hawker really all about. I do like Sashi food better than Diana cause it's still hold the strong flavour and Sashi said the only dish that he tone's down to suit local taste bud is the rendang.

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Hwkr - Gaja by Sashi
137 A'Beckett St
Melbourne VIC 3000

Whitehorse Chloe (Invited)

Whitehorse Chloe is a relatively new cafe in Boxhill area, located under high rise apartment called The Chen. I'm amaze that government began to allow high rise building in suburbs. I began to see it everywhere, Chadstone, Springvalle, Boxhill, Blackburn and more. I think they are try to spread out the crowd from Melbourne CBD to reduce congestion.

I'm always so excited to visit and Asian influence cafe, cause it will produce a familiar taste than I normally love. Lap Cheong Scotch Egg - smoked organic carrot puree, raw brussels sprouts, roasted heriloom carrots, pistachio ($18) and Wagyu Steak. The idea of lap cheong scotch egg is so intriguing but I was disappointed. Lap cheong is known for the sweet sticky taste with a slight taste of saltiness at the end, but I didn't get the sweetness taste at all. But the wagyu steak was delicious, simple, champion the meat and that's all that it needed.

Sesame Seed Panna Cotta - G.Luxe muesli, sesame sponge, black ganache, blackberries, cherry reduction, meringue ($15). I came in for this baby. Yes, I'm a sucker for pannacotta with all the various taste that it comes. Black sesame panna cotta suddenly pops up in several places but this is the first one that I taste in Melbourne. It was good, creamy with prominent black sesame taste but I find it hard to match it with the rest of the place. The flavour overwhelms each other, maybe withour the black ganache and muesli, it would work better.

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Whitehorse Chloe
T1/850 Whitehorse Rd
Box Hill VIC 3128

The Tamper Trap (Invited)

I was invited to Tamper Trap to try their menu. Tucked in in the busy Bay Street in Brighton, Tamper Trap has a vibrant and friendly environment as soon as you entered the cafe.

Cafe Blush High Tea (Invited)

Cafe Blush is a relatively new cafe being take over and rebrand by the Calia group. Last time, I went in for their regular menu. As I'm already impressed by their pasta, their high tea look so elegant and yummy. Than Jason, the owner was kind enough to let me taste their High Tea menu.

Ayam Penyet RIA - Noble Park (Invited)

Ayam Penyet RIA has been a staple in South Melbourne for Indonesian food for years now. Hit by an instant success since the day they are open till now. It proven their dedication, quality and commitment to their customers over the years.