Fledgling Espresso (Invited)

Fledgling Espresso is owned by Connor Cunliffe, 23 years old. Yes, only 23 years old. We all envy his success in such as young age but we all can't forget his food. Connor's mom also involve in this project, admin part but also help with the menu. It gives the places homey feeling. The place it self is small and cramped but it does not stop people for lining up on a Saturday morning.

Turning Point (Invited)

Turning Point location is very conveniently located just across Ripponlea train station; easily spotted and reachable by public transport, and have a lot of parking spot for those who drive. Their ambience is very suitable for large group; they have a nice outdoor sitting at the back, with 2 large tables - perfect for sunny days. Perfect for meetings or simple catch-up with friends. Friendly and very polite staffs.

Truffle scramble ($22). Was a bit of a let down that it didn't have strong truffle smell and flavour as I expected it would be;  The toast was also underwhelming and needed more flavour to it.
On the good side, the scrambled eggs was quite creamy and fluffy, well combined with the smoked trout - though I feel the proportion of smoked trout needs to be more in comparison to the amount of egg. Overall, the dish needs more strong flavour elements to accompany the rich scrambled eggs.

18hr pork belly ($22). The pork was very tender and flavourful, accompanied with rich and creamy truffle sauce - although I wish the truffle was stronger. I love that they added apple to the dish as it gives refreshing taste to balance out the very creamy sauce. Polenta was perfectly cooked and seasoned as well. However, the skin of the pork belly was a little bit too tough to my liking, but overall it was a great dish!

Matcha latte ($5) and Coco Mango (9) .I love the strong cinnamon smell they added on top of the matcha latte;The matcha flavour was a little bit too light to my liking - I love strong match flavour.
Very creamy yet light smoothie! Love the touch of mango smell and flavour, very refreshing companion to the heavy dish!

They also serve some freshly baked products, like croissant, muffins, and various flavour of slices. Also, what I found quite unique is: they serve some classic cocktail, beer and wine too!

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Turning Point
+6139528 2719
8/10 Glen Eira Ave
Ripponlea VIC 3185

Linger Patisserie Cafe (Invited)

Linger Patisserie Cafe sitting on a unique spot, beside a church and the interior of the cafe it self looks like a traditional catholic church. What make me turn my heads was their cakes, super cute creative cakes. Funny that the interior was so traditional but the cakes are so innovative, creative and modern. A contrast that I found a lil bit uncanny.

Meeting Place (Invited)

Meeting Place is a Korean place slash bar, the place is dark and easily to be miss from the outside. The interior is simple and minimalistic. I reckoned it needed to be renovated a lil bit and adding a young element to it.

Short Straw (Revisited-Invited)

Short Straw is a place I have been invited many times before and I always love my experience there. They do have a good presentation as well as charming section at the back with pots drawing on the wall. They are relatively close to Glenferrie station too, making it easy to reach and good for the students.

Vegie Mum (Invited)

The Vegie Mum in Fitzroy has a distinct late 80s vibe with its woodsy, classic Chinese restaurant interiors. With Lionel Richie blasting in the background, it was the place your parents probably went out on dates on. Or probably took you out for a family dinner. The thing that makes Vegie Mum special is the fact that all their food items are vegetarian.