Saint James (Revisited-Invited)

Cute little cafe off in Malvern Road serving a take on British staples. Yes, I have been to Saint James before and yes it was an enjoyable one. That's why I'm glad that we are invited again. Always welcome a second when it's good.

Fergus Coffee (Invited)

Fergus Coffee located in Wattletree Rd, Malvern East reachable by tram and also public transport. There's plenty street parking around even though Malvern could get busy at times even though it's weekdays.

Cargo (Invited)

Cargo is located besides the famous Berth in the beautiful Docklands pier. The restaurant literally sitting right by the water overlooking the skycraper, bolte bridge and more. Cargo is casual, low key much more relax than Berth. I went to Berth last week, I love it for private functions and special occasions but Cargo, best to chill and relax.

Mr Hubbard (Invited)

Mr. Hubbard Café & Larder is located at Wattletree Rd, Malvern. It's 7 minutes walk from Malvern Station and has very nice surroundings. The area is peaceful and beautiful, not like the CBD where skyscrapers cover the sky view and noises everywhere. The café and larder is very easy to find. It is small and bright, with two big windows and a glass door.

Salon de Sushi (Invited)

Salon de Sushi is a casual dining Japanese restaurant in South Melbourne, specialising in dine in, take away and delivery authentic and modern Japanese food. They have been opened since 2013 with Tokyo style decor and humble Japanese service. They also accept online ordering for a fast yet convenient service.

One by One (Invited)

One by one is a new cafe in the middle of Keilor East. Despite of being new, it receives a great response from the local. The vibe, the design, the colour and the music has a relaxing feel that attracts various customers from youngsters to families. This cafe currently has around 60 seats and they are going to expand it to 90 seats in summer. Looking forward to their outdoor seating.