Tonic & Grace (Invited)

Tonic & Grace is one of many of healthy, environmentally friendly cafe. The interest for this area keeps growing and I strongly support it. Leah Blefari (ex Red Rock Leisure & Peter Rowland Catering). Malvern is the perfect place for her brand new cafe, people in the area really knows their food and their awareness of healthy living is high.

We come in on a Sunday morning. They said  they are having a busy morning and have a lot of group bookings so they apologise in advanced for the slow service. We started with some drinks; Fresh Start - orange, apple, carrot, ginger ($8), Babycino, Latte and Choc Mint Hot Chocolate ($5.5). Everything is good in terms of flavours as well as texture but nothing out of the ordinary.

Captain Gillenstalk - fried shitaki, oyster mushrooms, thick cut pumpkin toast, truffle oil, cashew cream, pine nuts, roasted herbs, chimichurri ($17.5) add poached chicken ($5.5). We love the army of mushrooms medley, they always have an aromatic deep earthy flavour matched really well with truffle oil and herbs, that's also comes from the ground. Earthy goodness. That's what I call them.

Harajuku Lover - Japanese pancake, daikon, tofu, spring onion, green algae, ginger, winter veg, house made mayo, BBQ sauce ($18) add smoked salmon ($5). Super healthy pancake. If you are on the road to healthy life than this is the perfect meal for your while it's still flavourful because of the generous mayo. But it does get a lil bit soggy at the end, I wish the pancake is slightly crispier.

Day of The Soup - potato & leek, crusty bread ($12). I love soup at all times, especially on a cold winter days. It always have a nice spot on my stomach. My son also loves soup. It's super creamy and thick, love every bits of it.

Leah aims to open until 7pm in future to be able to accomodate people after work. They have to pre order their food and pick up at the cafe to bring home for their family dinner. It's a healthy home made meal without the fuss.

Tonic & Grace
+6138590 3121
63 Glenferrie Rd
Malvern VIC 3144

Miss Ping's (Invited)

Miss Ping’s just opened their new restaurant in the newly renovated The Glen Shopping Centre in Glen Waverley. Modern-yet-funky and dimly lit inside brings a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for diners. I was invited to their opening ceremony recently and had the opportunity to sample some of their dishes on offer.

Dishes I had were; King Prawn coated in crispy black sesame seeds. The prawn was juicy and the coating was crispy. It was served with some spicy mayo which was nice dipping sauce for it. Papaya salad with crispy pork crackers. Refreshing and colourful salad dish. Great textures combination. Quite enjoyable salad dish

Green Curry Chicken. This was a stand out dish of the night for me. The curry was so flavoursome and had some heat to warm up your belly in cold nights. Very tasty. It was served with flaky bread similar to Malaysian roti channai. I find the roti could be a bit more flaky.

Prawn with caramelised coconut flakes in betel leave. Prawn was juicy yet the flavours perhaps could be a little more punchy. Grilled marinated pork skewers served with sticky rice. I love this dish. Tender and tasty.

I saw some vegetarian fried rice being offered, but I did not get to try them on the night. The bar serves variety of cocktails and beers on tap. Overall Miss Ping’s has delivered an array of good standard Thai dishes in a nice ambient restaurant in the heart of a trendy shopping centre in Glen Waverley for the locals and non-locals to enjoy.

Miss Ping's
+6138590 7567
SHOP 2001/619 Doncaster Rd
Doncaster VIC 3108

Drumplings (Revisited-Invited 4)

Bottomless brunch - yes, please! We started off our morning in Drumpling’s garden-meets-street courtyard and their lychee tea sangria - sweet tea, white wine, triple sec and lychee. Their Mimosas were also good to keep the chill away. Yum.

First up in the brunch set menu were the Peppered Pork Sliders. Bunned in grilled, mildly sweet buns, the pork was accompanied by a sunny side up egg, cucumbers and a delectable chipotle mayo. Props to Drumplings for giving an extra side of the chipotle mayo because they were amazing!

We then had the Bacon and Egg Dumplings. Thin dumpling wrappers meet scrambled eggs and bacon fillings. I personally thought the egg had a strange consistency as it was scrambled then additionally steamed, but my partner thought they were alright. Would’ve liked a little more bacon in the filling though! Before our dessert, we also had the Chili Schezhuan Calamari. The calamari was seasoned really well, although it could’ve spent a little more time in the fryer because it wasn’t very crispy. The cucumber chili salad at the bottom was a refreshing accompaniment.

Next up was the dessert - their French Toast whih consisted of Cinnamon battered baos and a chili choc ice cream. The grilled baos were pretty good. The chili choc ice cream was an unexpected twist because it wasn’t spicy at all when you first tuck in. The spice kicks in afterwards when it hits the throat!

+6138395 4918
227-229 Bourke St
Melbourne VIC 3000