Urban Provedore (Invited)

Urban Provedore has been open for many years, I still remember when it's first open. A trendy modern cafe with large open window that looks so attractive from the outside. Honestly, I still love their interior design.  This is my first invite to Urban Provedore and my first husband first time visiting the cafe.

When we arrived, it happened again. There's almost always problem with reservation for bloggers, that's why I always keep the conversation trails for the cafe manager to see just in case there's problem. There was a miscommunications between the cafe and marketing agent, according to the cafe manager, they already told them that they do not want bloggers on Saturday cause it's busy. Understandable really, but on the other hand, the marketing agent already confirm the reservation with me. Anyway, like many other times. I ended up getting a table in the end, even though I have to wait for quite a bit cause they are so busy.

Mushroom Omelette - fior di latte, truffle, pumpkin loaf ($20).Ths dish lack the usual fluffy runniness of omelette, this is closer to Asian pan fried egg omelette. I don't mind it honestly. Love the aromatic truffle aroma. Fior di latte is a nice addition to the dish.

Open Crumpet - prosciutto crudo, halloumi, wild rocket, fried egg, smoked relish ($16). This is the best dish out of everything I ordered. Perfect combination of halloumi, prosciuto and fried egg topped with relish. I do wish the relish is a bit smokier than it would elevate the dish even more. But all the high quality ingredients in the dish really shine.

Souffle Waffles - roasted rhubarb, apple, pear, vanilla cream, cocoa, nut oil ($19). I don't understand the souffle part of the waffles, cause I don't really get any elements of souffle in there. But, the waffle is pretty fluffy and love the cooked fruits in the dish so much. Soury rhubarbs and aromatic apples as well as pear. Yum! Perfect ending with creamy rich vanilla cream and a touch of bitter cocoa on the bottom.

Urban Provedore
+6139820 3500
231 Toorak Rd
South Yarra VIC 3141

Go Marche (Invited)

Go Marche is a one stop venue for fun, good bites and great venue to catch up with friends and loved ones. Entering the place, you will immediately feel a relaxed and fun atmosphere all arounds. There are a few shelves full of various board games for you to choose from. For those who would like to sing along for fun or wanting to have your own “auditions” for the next The Voice contest, there are Karaoke rooms with very reasonable rates.

If you come in with a hungry tummy, don’t worry, there are some really tasty Taiwanese snacks to keep your tummy happy. We sampled some of their dishes during a recent Chinese Valentine celebration event.

The dishes we had were:
QuinDomino - this quinoa salad with grilled vegetables was a light and sweet entree our dinner. It was light and refreshing dish with great mix of textures. I feel like this dish could use a touch of citrusy ingredient to balance out the sweetness of it. We also tried their marinated soft boiled egg, which was a tasty entree.

Next came Monoporkly, which was a slow cooked pork belly with peanut dust and pickles, wrapped in soft gua bao bun. A popular Taiwanese dish. It's a nice effort from their behalf to name the dishes related to board games. Like this one comes from the popular game monopoly.

Go Marche - was a combination platter of Taiwanese sausage and Taiwanese style pop corn chicken. The sausage was tender, tasty and sweet. Popcorn chicken pieces were tasty too. Great snack bites to accompany your board games night.

Luro Pork -  Great dish of minced pork & pickle rice bowl for those who needs something a little more filling. If you played way too long and snack would not suffice you through the night while playing competitive games. This would be it.

Bubble Tea Ice cream could be your choice of dessert here if you love bubble tea. This place serves non-alcoholic drinks like refreshing mocktails, bubble tea drinks and milk shakes. Great place to enjoy good times with your mates over board games, karaoke or simply enjoying Taiwanese popular dishes.

+6139663 8898
Go Marche
63 A'Beckett St
Melbourne VIC 3000

Gabriel (Revisited-Invited)

I went to Gabriel not soo long a go and I'm quite fond of it. Now, I came in again on a Saturday morning to try their brand new menu. The place looked the same but less people since I went in quite early. I got the corner seats this time, a lil bit darker than my previous seat but my kid love the neon blue crown on the wall.

Kingyo Izakaya (Invited)

Kingyo Izakaya is a small cozy Japanese restaurant, right across Moonee Ponds Station. The owner is a very friendly lady who invited me in cause her friend, the owner of one the Italian restaurant in Fitzroy recommended me. I came in on a Saturday night.

Kobe Teppanyaki (Invited)

Kobe is an authentic Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant, located in Doncaster East. I rarely venture out this way in general but when the invitation came in and I saw what they got and the menu, it intrigues me then I come running.

Drip Cafe (Invited)

Drip Cafe located in Cheltenham, it has a dark blue and white interior. It has a modern yet luxurious  vibe due to the royal blue colour but remain casual. They have a medium size indoor seatings as well as outdoor courtyard at the back.

I was invited by the owner's wife in Instagram, upon my arrival I met the husband and he greeted me nicely. He sent one of his staff to take care of me and my family, she was really friendly and warm, even towards my kid. She gave him colour pencil and colouring paper straight away.

Chilli Scrambled Eggs - sourdough, chorizo, pecorino, corn avocado salsa ($18). Perfectly cooked fluffy egg, my ultimate comfort food on a Saturday morning. Not too spicy but the chorizo added a nice spiciness to it then calmed by the creamy avocado salsa. Love.

Southern Fried Waffles - Southern fried chicken, buttermilk waffle, apple, cabbage slaw, fresh chilli, sesame seeds, siracha aioli ($21) add bacon ($5). Abundant siracha aioli really give a nice kick to the whole dish, maybe a touch to much at the very end if you don't have a high tolerant for spiciness. But I love the crunchy tender chicken with the crisp outer layer of the waffle and fluffy inside. The fresh apple slaw also add a nice acidity and freshness to the dish.

Orange Blossom Hotcake - orange cream, vanilla bean mascarpone, fresh berries, caramelised orange, raspberry coulis, pure maple syrup ($18). A very well made fluffy hot cake, aromatic with strong orange flavour and aroma. Super creamy mascarpone and soury raspberry coulis matched perfectly with the hot cake.

We love every bits of Drip Cafe and certainly won't be our last time visiting this cafe since it's also located pretty close to our home. The service was perfect till the end, friendly and fast. I can see they already have loyal locals customers dropping by.

Drip Cafe
88 Chesterville Rd
Cheltenham VIC 3192