Billy Central (Revisited-Invited)

This is my second invited visits to Billy Central, this time is for their new menu. They are looking to change their menu gradually and it always nice to change. Customers would love that, a change in their daily menu.

Two Birds One Stone (Revisited-Invited)

Two Birds One Stone is a place I have visited many times before even from they first open. Now, it has become one of the strong cafe that remains open after all these year. This is a huge achievement in Melbourne, cause most cafe close after a year or so because of the super strong competition. Just be frank, new cafe open almost every week with brand new menu and concept. Two Birds One Stone with it's simple interior and humble food remain strong in the heart of South Yarra.

Izakaya Kuuraku (Invited)

Izakaya Kuuraku is a worldwide global restaurant chain, available in Japan, Canada, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India. They are specialise in rue authentic Japanese Izakaya dining experience , especially yakitori. On the side, they also have sushi, sashimi and tapas.

We started with Poached Chicken with Pesto, Seared Wagyu Nigiri, Gyu Kushi Yakitori accompanied by hot tea and the fine hibiki whisky. The starting point was a bit low with the cold poached chicken, don't get me wrong, I love cold dish but the taste was pretty plain even with the pesto. I also normally love a clean dish to start with but somehow this one is a bit of a miss for me. The second and third dish was a bang. Melt in your mouth nigiri sushi with a theatrical on it's own, torched on your table then tender flavourful meat yakitori.

Pressed W Salmon Sushi, Beed Stew and Tsukune Yakitori. The pressed sushi was okay, needed more sauce or maybe seaweed in it cause the taste was a lil bit flat. A bit too heavy for me compare to other sushi, I have tasted. But the super juicy tsukune is very well recommended. The fat just burst in your mouth then all the wonderful flavour just exploded. Last but not the least the beef stew, it taste a lil bit like Indonesian beef rendang. Super rich, deep and thick with tender meat, perfectly partnered with white rice.

Yuzu Cheesecake - Japanese citrus favour New York cheese cake served with berry compote ($12) and Matcha Pudding. Both of the desserts was pretty good, bitter smooth matcha pudding and fresh soury yuzu flavour with prominent cheese flavour on the cake. Yum!

Izakaya Kuuraku Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Izakaya Kuuraku
+6139939 1516
131-135 Bourke St
Melbourne VIC 3000

Meno Zero (Invited)

Meno Zero begins with four Italian boys who have the same heritage wanting to share their Italian desserts as they remembered on their childhood days. Meno Zero is a relatively new in Melbourne but it's turning heads as soon as they are open with their wonderful creations.

Piatella (Invited)

Piatella is a multicultural cafe located in the main street of Glen Waverly. The idea comes from a family holiday, 2 years before  the cafe open. All the food in Europe inspired the very idea of this cafe. Rather than picking one special city with one special speciality, we want to bring it all to Melbourne in one spacious, family friendly cafe.

Hot Hot Pot (Invited)

Hot Hot Pot declare them self as a new style sichuan malatang and the first of it's kind in Melbourne. They want to create a finer experience in dining hot pot, where the customers can choose their own spiciness level. Besides that they also have 70 gourmet ingredients to choose from. Why gourmet? Cause they want to make it as healthy as possible, cleaner hot pot experience. Their broth is made with slow cook technique with roasted bones, bone marrows, wild herbs, spices and no added msg.