4Fingers (Revisited-Invited)

Originating from NYC, Four Fingers is conveniently located near Target near Bourke St. Our waitress was super friendly and we ordered a few chicken variations.

Cirelli & Co (Invited)

Cireli & Co is authentic Italian restaurant. This cute restaurant tucked in the Albion Street, Brunswick West. The restaurant is pretty hidden and bit a challenge if you come here using public transport; surely, it’s not a problem if you’re using private vehicle as you can easily find the on street parking around this area.

Matcha by Chokolait (Invited)

Matcha by Chokolait is the brand new Chokolait. Not so long a go, Ross the owner of Chokolait decided to refurbish the original Chokolait store (Little Collins) as well as changed the concept of the store to something fresh and new. They still have all the chocolate goodness but they added much more Asian influence to the menu.

Frank's (Revisited-Invited)

The last time I went to Franks, I was pretty impressed by their doughnut dish as well as their super amazing coffee thick shake. When the second invitation came in, all I can think about is those thick shake. This time, I went with my husband instead of my mom and I did not bring my kid. Last time, he was just a baby, sitting in his stroller, now he's already in childcare. How time flies.

Lulo (Invited)

Lulo served Latin food created by Chef Matt Waldron. He combines modern and classic dishes, inspired by his trips to South America. I got a chance to meet his wife during my visits on a weekdays lunch time. She was friendly and warm, welcoming and also clearly a hard worker.

San Telmo

San Telmo it's a famous and popular Argentinean restaurant in Melbourne CBD, it has been there for numerous years. More than 10 years I must say, cause it's been popular since I first move to Melbourne in 2008. Back then, they are famous for their flan, they still are but then it was what made me insist to visit them asap with my boyfriend for a date.
This time, it's my birthday and it's my first birthday as a mom. Seriously, it's been a long time since I ate proper cook meat since during pregnancy I only allowed to eat well done. I hate it so much. So my husband decided to take me to eat a good chunk of meat, here we are at San Telmo.